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Your Small Help Can Make a BIG Difference in a child's life

Who we are

About MiPequeñaAyuda

MiPequeñaAyuda – MySmallHelp Peru is a non-profit organization founded on 2011, as a response to the unmet need for support to the people with disabilities in the district of Ollantaytambo, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco.

What do we believe in?

We believe in raising awareness and promoting social inclusion of vulnerable people, especially those with disabilities. We want to create a culture of change and avoid dependency by challenging the current mindset of poverty as well as empower them to be responsible for their own growth and take control of their own lives.

What do we do?

Our mission is to support children and young adults with disabilities or low economic resources in the Cusco region by providing them access to basic education, health care and skills training as well as developing medium and long-term sustainable projects to improve their chances of having a brighter future.


Support our beneficiaries and projects in Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas


Integral Support Program

We support 40 beneficiaries and their families in various fields (e.g. educational, health, social, emocional, legal, etc.) according to individualized development plans based on their needs.

Community Development Program

We help improve the quality of life for our beneficiary families and communities by building or improving existing infrastructures, and facilitating training workshops.

Educational Program

We host English classes and different workshops in rural schools, as well as we provide support from our volunteers in community and special needs public schools.

Health and Social Aid Campaigns

We organize health campaigns with health care professionals and aid campaigns in communities. We also collaborate with public and private partners in organizing this types of campaigns.

Travel and volunteer

Are you willing to share your time and knowledge with kids and young adults, while experiencing life in the Sacred Valley of the Incas? Cool! We are currently looking for volunteers like you, to help wherever it’s needed in order to change the lives of Peruvian families.

Join our program now

You feel every day that your work is needed and well utilized; you get to know the REAL Peruvian culture und you'll be very close to the beneficiaries.

Emma SchneiderGermany

Spending a month volunteering in Peru with My Small Help (MSH) was truly a life changing experience!

Deepika PatelEngland

It was a great and unique experience, I will never forget! Thank you MSH!!!

Lara RajkovicSwitzerland

I highly recommend supporting MSH, if you are lucky to travel in the area and want to experience a beautiful time and feel useful, don't hesitate to volunteer!

Fabienne RondeauFrance

The most beautiful mountains that I have ever seen in my life and the children of Ollantaytambo are waiting for you and your passion. Let’s the journey begin!

Martina AlpaItaly

Mucha gente solo quiere ganar más dinero, y hay otras personas que sólo quieren ayudar gente. Y yo pienso que estoy más feliz que antes con ello habiendo ayudado

Maxence De GoyneFrance

Yo creo que esta experiencia es un punto de inflexión, una motivación para entender por qué estudio y para qué hago las cosas.

Gianluca SimoniPeru

Es una parte de mi vida donde he vivido una experiencia totalmente diferente de lo que conocemos en Europa

Adrien LemaistreFrance

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