From valley to valley, thanks to COMnGO Erasmus Project

By 23rd October 2018Volunteer Testimony

By Alicia Vargas (Cusco, Peru).

I’m back at the Sacred Valley to keep working in this beautiful place with MySmallHelp Peru. I really enjoy the work I do here, working with children in improving their education’s access but also managing the communication’s strategies in the organization. However, thanks to the COMnGO Project of Erasmus+, I had the opportunity to develop and collaborate with my skills in another NGO in the south of France… in another beautiful valley!

I love to be surrounded by nature, animals and simple lifestyle, and my staying at Initiative et Développement Citoyen was exactly like that. I spend five weeks there, managing the social media, working on communication strategie’s improvements and also doing some graphic design. I could know by first hand how it is to work in a collaborative camping and in other Erasmus+ projects (like the Youth Exchange). I feel very grateful for my time there, because I had the chance to do and learn so many things! And at the same time, I met very nice people!

Of course I missed the children’s visits and the classes we give at MSH Peru, and also the GIANT mountains we have in Cusco. But I found myself accomplishing the same intention of being a better person for myself and the whole world, though this experience was more ecological and sustainable. And I was surrounded by mountains too 🙂

I think COMnGO’s exchange of staff between the project’s partners is definetely a great opportunity for learning and improving the quality of communications’ strategies in all the organizations. And with the feedback of all the exchange experiences, we can also create more and better tools to share with everybody who is interested in knowing more about communications, which is a very important area for all organizations.

Now I’m back, with more ideas and enthusiasm in working with international projects! And eager to apply everything that I have learned during my time in France and the COMnGO trainings.

About Alicia

Born in Lima, currently living in Ollantaytambo, Cusco. She has a bachelor degree in communications with a specialization in business communication and diplomas in business management, branding and advertising creativity. She has work experience in audiovisual projects and as an adviser in creativity and marketing.

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