My volunteering experience: One of my fondest memories

When thinking of Cusco, one automatically thinks of Machu Picchu, in a region rich in culture and ancestral traditions, full of tourists who want to know the last Inca city; however, no one thinks twice about the number of low-income and disabled children. That was what caught my attention about MiPequeñaAyuda – MySmallHelp Peru.

Alejandra Montero

Many times we forget that Peru is experiencing a strong situation of socioeconomic inequality, which is even more acute when we consider populations with disabilities, since unfortunately Peru is not an inclusive country.

Volunteering is a unique experience that takes you out of your comfort zone, allows you to grow as a person and learn based on what you have experienced. Even more so in a pandemic context where you cannot meet your colleagues face to face and you have to adapt to the online methodology.

Although before he had already been part of another organization that sought to empower young people. Actions such as MySmallHelp Peru are so important, since they seek to reduce the gap that exists in Peruvian society, they have a clear motive: to help people with disabilities.

The motto of the NGO is: “Your little help can make a big difference” and I cannot agree more, since the directions of the organization are a reflection that small actions count and impact the lives of the people who most love it. need. For Mayra and Jessica they are not just “beneficiaries”, the children they help are part of their family, they have seen them grow, they have seen them overcome various obstacles thanks to constant therapies and rehabilitation.

All this as a volunteer within the organization inspires us to continue working hard to continue improving the lives of children who need support, to be able to show that everything is possible, that the fact that they were born with a disability is not synonymous with not being able to live a full life.

Despite not having met the children or being able to interact with my classmates face to face, definitely all the experience and learnings will stay with me forever and will be part of my most cherished memories.

Online meeting with volunteers

MiPequeñaAyuda is an organization that treats its beneficiaries as if they were family, they care about their needs and seek to help them without creating economic dependency, so that in the future they are the ones who can take charge of their lives and improve it.

About MySmallHelp Peru

MiPequeñaAyuda – MySmallHelp Peru is a non-profit organization founded on 2011, to support children and young adults with disabilities or low economic resources in the Cusco region by providing them access to education, health care and skills training.

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