We share with you some ideas of activities that you can do by yourself, during this #quarantine.

TODAY we’ll make:

Sensory bottles that are very easy to make and fun to play.


  • Empty plastic bottles
  • Paint
  • Different materials such as: pearls, sprinkles, noodles, buttons, or anything you have out there.
  • Small colored-paper or ribbons

How to make them?

  1. Wash the inside of the bottles well and let them dry.
  2. Fill each bottle with each type of the chosen material that can produce noise and which you find at home. Or you can make a bottle with combined materials. 😉
  3. Optional, you can include small colored-paper, cutted ribbons or other soft materials to give some color to the inside of the bottles.
  4. If you want, you can paint the outside of the bottles with paint or make your own designs.


This will help stimulate the child’s senses thanks to the sounds they make. And if you have children with disabilities, it will help improve their sensory develoment even more.

You’ll only need a few minutes so you can #DoItYourself today!


Check out this video to learn more:

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MiPequeñaAyuda – MySmallHelp Peru is a non-profit organization founded on 2011, to support children and young adults with disabilities or low economic resources in the Cusco region by providing them access to basic education, health care and skills training.

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