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MySmallHelp Peru has been participating in the @COMnGO Project, a Capacity Building project funded by Erasmus+ from the European Commission, which aims to develop and improve the capabilities of NGOs in the field of online marketing, web-design, and internal and external communications.

The first ‘Kick-Off’ meeting was held in Passignano, Italy, where our Director, Jessica Sánchez, along with representatives from 6 other partner organizations from Asia, Latin America, and Europe, reunited to plan and develop the following activities which were held for the next two years.

The Project included 3 training modules: a) Internal and external strategies, b) Social media and c) web-design, which were held in Passignano, Italy and Lastours, France. For each training module, two staff members from MSH Peru were sent to be trained in a non-formal education environment, where theoretical learnings were mixed with practical activities during the workshops. The project also included an exchange of staff members, in order to share knowledge and experience from one organization to the other, and to be able to work in a different setting that would benefit each organization. In our case, our marketing coordinator, Alicia, was sent to France, and Simone, who works for ADHC, came to Ollantaytambo to work with us and help in marketing, but mainly to develop our website.


Training 3: WEb Development
                                    Lastours, France

Training 1: Internal & external communications
                                       Pasignano, Italy

One of the goals of the capacity-building projects funded by the Erasmus+ program, is to share with others knowledge about the main goal of the project: communications. Therefore, we developed two dissemination events addressed to Cusco university students, who learned about social media and the basics of communications.


The final evaluation was held in Tartu, Estonia, in October 2019. The partners gathered together to evaluate the outcomes of the project, and to finish developing free online training modules that would serve other NGOs and interested parties to be trained in communications.

Workshop in COMnGO Dissemination Event                                                    Tartu, Estonia

This project – as well as others in which MSH Peru participates – is a great experience that allows our staff members not only to be trained in subjects that help us to be more efficient in our work, but also is a great opportunity to network and exchange with other partner organizations so that we could offer better services to the people we serve.

Stay tuned for the launching of the free online training modules at: !



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