Fun with the kids at Phiry

By Siobhan Brennan.

As a volunteer for My Small Help Peru, one of our weekly visits is to the school in Phiry, a town close to Ollantaytambo. My experiences there so far have been amazing. To get there we take a combi for about 20 minutes, and then get dropped off just a short walk from the school. The walk helps give us energy for the class. The kids sometimes get a little crazy, but it’s so fun working with them.

This past Thursday we brought a reading about a hedgehog and its fight against a snake. The kids started the class by reading the story aloud, then they completed an activity to help them understand new words. The volunteers from My Small Help make sure the students are focusing and answer any questions they have about the activity. It’s great to see them learn something after just one class. To give the kids a break after the lesson, we run around with them outside.

One of the first thing I noticed being outside was the 360-degree view of the mountains. It’s hard to take your eyes of them, but once you do, you see the simple joy that outside activity brings children. The boys were playing soccer, and one of the other volunteers at My Small Help joined. The girls were doing some cartwheels, so I joined in to teach them a few tricks I know. After physical education, we left, but I wasn’t sad to go because we visit the school two times a week. We go on Tuesdays to teach English to three different classes, and on Thursdays we bring a reading for one class.

The best part about it for me has been slowly getting to know the students. I’ve only been three times, but each time I go, I learn something new about one of the children. My Small Help is an awesome organization that does not discriminate who they work with. If someone needs help, they will do their best to help. We have some beneficiaries located in Cusco (2 hours away), but the organization still travels to them. We also take two children to a special school in Cusco once a week. One woman we work with can’t walk, so the organization visits her home, and sometimes carry’s her to the volunteer house to shower. This commitment to the people in the community shows how much the organization cares. I’ve only been here for two weeks, but I know will love this organization more and more each day.

About MySmallHelp Peru

MiPequeñaAyuda – MySmallHelp Peru is a non-profit organization founded on 2011, to support children and young adults with disabilities or low economic resources in the Cusco region by providing them access to education, health care and skills training.

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